Saturday, November 3, 2018


This morning I finished reading Romans.  And my take away message from the book as a whole is rather simple. 

First is that we as believers shouldn't judge one another or give each other cause to stumble.  Ultimately we all will answer to God for our deeds and whatever our own conscience tells us, that is what we should follow. (Romans 14) If I feel the need to learn the Biblical feast days as a means to get to know Yeshua more, I shouldn't judge those who don't feel this is necessary. And consequently those who don't feel it necessary shouldn't judge the way I've felt this need to learn and understand them through observing them.  In my observance of these Holy days I should be careful that all the rules of the law of Moses don't distract me from the real source of salvation in Yeshua. Following excessive rules can be a stumbling block that diverts our eyes from our Messiah and makes us think we save ourselves by our works.  Ultimately the laws and commandments of God are summed up in the ones to love God and to love our neighbor, and if we are living in judgment of one another we aren't living in love of one another. 

All of us have sinned and fall short of perfection.  All of us have need of a Savior to overcome our sinful natures.  This nature isn't overcome by our own sheer will power.  I personally have never accomplished anything through will power.  Everything I accomplish is done through love and hope in Christ.  When I lack in love or hope for something better I can do nothing of worth or maintain a habit long term.  It is Yeshua who along with paying for our sins gives us the power to overcome them and become better people.  Therefore we have nothing to boast of ourselves.

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